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Planet of the Apes: Cataclysm Print Series by Alex Ross

Giclee prints in limited editions of 168. Part of the Comic-Con exclusive range of prints on sale at Acme Archives, booth #5629, at SDCC.

Remaining prints will be available online from July 28th 2014, HERE.



Roger Ebert: “Jacques Tati (1909-1982) only made six features and a few shorts and TV shows, and yet he ranks with the great silent clowns among masters of visual comedy. He was a perfectionist whose precise construction of shots, sets, actions and gags is all the more impressive because he remained within a calm emotional range; Hulot doesn’t find himself starving, hanging from clock faces, besotted with romance or in the middle of a war, but simply puttering away at life, genial and courteous, doing what he can to negotiate the hurdles of civilization

I love Monsieur Hulot. I love him because he wishes no harm, causes no harm, sees (whenever possible) no harm. He does not forgive his trespassers because he does not feel trespassed against; in the face of rudeness, he nods politely, tries to look interested and stays out of the way. In an emergency, he does what he can, stepping on the leak in the lawn so that the fish can continue to spout. What he would like to do, I think, is to set out each morning and walk here and there, tipping his hat, tapping his pipe, grateful for those amusements that come his way. If his heart breaks even a little when he says goodbye to the landlady’s daughter, he doesn’t let us know.
"What my brother needs is an objective," Madame Arpel declares, but that is precisely what Hulot does not need. He simply needs to be left alone to meander and appreciate, without going anywhere or having anywhere to go. Jean-Luc Godard once said, "The cinema is not the station. The cinema is the train." I never knew what that meant, until Monsieur Hulot showed me. The joy is in the journey, the sadness in the destination."

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Mr Ebert, I miss you already.

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"Am I not Thanos!"
Art by George Perez (pencils), Josef Rubinstein (inks), Max Scheele (colors)
Words by Jim Starlin

(Source: jthenr-comics-vault)